Monday, May 21, 2012

Distraction goals

Sometimes you need a task to do to take your mind off something. This is where distraction goals come in. Distraction goals are specified tasks to either keep you busy or from thinking about something that bothers you. One idea of a task could be a hobby. Hobbies could be something your good at or like to do. These work if you have an upsetting thought in the back of your head. By focusing your thoughts on something else the other thought will begin to feel less upsetting. If you do this enough you will be able to build the strength to diminish that certain thought that upsets you.

This is how I got rid of my problems. I made goals for myself and now I'm working on completing them. I, like everybody else, have issues to deal with. By keeping myself distracted with writing for my blog I am less agitated by my current issues. Why don't you try making a distraction goal for yourself! You never know, this goal could make you a stronger person. I know mine has!

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