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My name is Mason Wild and I am 29 years old. I was born in Nova Scotia on August 6, 1990. There was a complication during my birth. My mother had become ill with pneumonia. Not knowing what exactly was wrong with her the doctor in charge administered the wrong medication. Reacting with my mother negatively her health status had worsened and I had to be born prematurely. Upon birth, I had arrived with no pulse nor was breathing. Quickly the doctors in the room rushed to eventually save my life. After birth, I was only given a few months to live. Obviously, I have made it past that point and beyond!

The tremors in both my hands and feet had only started when I was around three years old. Not being able to walk at the age of other children I had to be held back a year from school. Writing for me was a struggle as well for I would have a difficult time keeping my hands steady enough to write legibly. For this reason, my parents had bought me a computer at the age of five. Ever since then I have been using one for everything.  Schooling had a huge improvement once I was able to put the words down easily without help.

During my elementary and high school phase I had experienced the average bullying day today. Unfortunately, that only ended after my first year of college (some people never mature). During these years I had built up my computer and technological skills. I focused on 3D animation and video game design completing work more complicated than the rest of the class.

College was a completely different story. This was the first year that I left home to live near the campus. It was also when I had first experienced having roommates and I still have mixed feelings about that. At first, I had studied computer programming. I decided that it wasn’t for me and tried computer networking. I got similar results. After that, I took a break from school to think about what I wanted in life. That is when I revisited my dream of owning my own business. Now I’m back in school and enrolled in the business management course.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get”
Forrest Gump

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