Monday, October 1, 2012

Potential new page

I was thinking of more ways to promote disabilty awareness and I had an idea. My idea was to create a new page geared towards other similar blogs. How I am going to find these blogs will be easy. If you have a similar blog and you would like it showcased follow these steps: 1. Place your url and a short description in the comments of this post 2. If accepted please add a link to my blog on your website (The more visible the better) 3. W A I T -- Promotion may take a day to be displayed on page.


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  2. Hi, my blog is . I have CP and I write primarily about fashion from a disabled perspective. The outfits I style always include either a wheelchair, crutches, etc and are meant to show that everyone can be stylish. Although the blog is geared towards the disabled I think a lot of my writing has universal appeal. I generally post twice a week :-)

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