Friday, November 23, 2012

Seclusion Rooms Strike Back!

I was recently browsing the local news when an article had caught my eye. The article that had been released was about another seclusion room in a different school. This High School is based in Barrie, Ontario. Let me start off by saying that I am not pleased with the fact that another school board is trying this approach. From the stories I have heard and the one that I had written about the seclusion room had a very negative outcome. What does this say about the school? Can they not control their students or are they not paying enough attention? In my opinion this way of handling this situation is inhumane. 

There are a lot better alternatives for these situations. I have an idea that could be more useful and humane for these children. My idea involves a larger room with a staff supervisor. This room will have tables and chairs with small activities (like puzzles or colouring) to distract the child from being disruptive. Once calm the supervisor would escort the child back to class. The problem with these “seclusion rooms” is that some of these children do not no that there behaviour is wrong. Putting them in these rooms is imprisoning them. Also, if they don't know what they did wrong it could seriously psychologically affect them.

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