Saturday, March 13, 2021

How To Create Your First Blog Like A Pro!

What You Need

  • A website or blog-publishing service provider.
  • A domain name and web host.
  • At least five written blog articles.
    • Word count is not as important as keywords.
    • However, blog articles should be around 350-600 words average.
      • Too short = not enough information to be relevant.
      • Too long = attention spans are shorter and will not be fully read or bounce.
        • Bounce = Someone who visits your website just to leave as fast as they entered.
        • Fluff = extra words used for the purpose of increasing word count.
    • Find keywords
      • Words or phrases that people type into Google when searching for topics relevant to your website or blog.
  • Patience
    • If you are into this solely to make money then you might want to reconsider.
    • Your articles may not see a lot of traffic at first, but they will.
      • Be consistent with your posting so your audience does not forget about you or move on.
      • I try for one every 1-2 weeks but sometimes life gets ahead of you.


Step 1

  • Think of some topics that you have an interest in.
    • Do you have enough knowledge on the topic to write informative blog posts?
    • Does it spark any inspiration from you?
    • Is it a niche idea?
    • What makes your content different then the rest?


Step 2

  • Sign up for a blogging website.
    • Two popular websites are:
    • Both are simple to use and there are a lot of resources that will teach you how to use the platform to get your blog up and running!
  • I used Blogger to create my blog.


Step 3

  • Write your first article.
    • Make it around 350-600 words so that Google can find it in their algorithm.
      • The search bot looks for websites with content with these numbers.
      • Any less and your blog will not turn up as much on any search engine.
  • Post your article.
    • Post it first to the service of your choice (e.g., Blogger).


Step 4

  • Share a link to your new page on your social media accounts.
    • Facebook
      • Create a fan page on Facebook so that more people see your blog posts.
      • Invite your whole contact list so that they can share and comment on your posts.
      • Use your page to start more discussions to receive more engagement from your readers.
      • Entice your page followers to find more by allowing them to share your posts with their contacts.
      • The more people that share, the more people will see your blog.
        • Even if they do not click the first time.
    • Reddit
      • Reddit is another great site to share your blog.
        • You can create discussions with millions of already registered users.
        • Also, join discussions to put in your two cents with a link back to your blog.
          • The more links that lead back to your blog the better
          • Creating links this way allows more people to engage with your blog.
    • Twitter
      • I use Twitter to post updates multiple times per day.
      • It is used to relay short and concise messages to your followers.
    • Ask your friends and family members to share your blog links so that more people can see them.
    • Each share means that more and more people are seeing your blog.


Step 5

  • Reply to feedback.
    • Comments
    • Questions
    • The more involved you become, the more your audience does.



You just created your first blog! If my article helped you in any way, please comment below! I would also love any feedback regarding my blog.



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