Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ADD and learning in high school

Being diagnosed with ADD has it setbacks. Especially during my high school years. The main problem was that it was so hard to pay attention. Those long lectures that involve a lot of listening tend to drone out very fast. In my experience I can say that there wasn't enough practical/hands-on work. It is so much easier to focus and learn something when interacting with it. Sure you can learn something like to ride a car in a book. But it comes to you a lot faster and more efficient with an approach that's more practical and gets the person motivated. When you're sitting down and reading a bunch of information motivation is hard to find. Getting on your feet and exploring should be used just as much or more when it comes to learning.

Another setback that I found was if someone is staying still in a spot for too long they tend to get antsy. Getting up a going for a short walk really helps with clearing any stress away and allows the person(s) to work more productively after. If its nice and warm outside grabbing some fresh air does wonders. I find that going outside just to relax and breath helps clear the mind of negative thoughts and makes room for more positive thoughts.

I wish my high school would let me leave class for a few minutes. Forty minutes can seem like a very long time and with only five minutes in between classes it feels as if an eternity has gone by. Thats why students work productivity usually decreases as the end of the day arrives. For me it was around lunch which was either at 11 pm or 1 pm.

High schools really need to change their methods that gear more towards the students. If the teachers taught the way they wanted to it would be a lot harder on the students.

Was there anything that you did in school to clear your head?

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