Sunday, November 15, 2015

Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving affects more than just the driver. It also affects everyone surrounding them. Not just that. If they were to hit something or someone more people are affected. For those that don't know what happened my little sister is a victim of a drunk driving hit and run. He leg had been broken along with other serious injuries to her body. She suffered an immense amount of physical, emotional and mental pain. What some people don't realize is that this affects everyone. The victim, the culprit and everyone in the circles.

It was August 10 at 2:30am when I got the phone call. My mother had told be that my sister was hit by a car and that she was being rushed to the hospital. I quickly got dressed and ran down to meet them. Fortunately, the hospital was only a twenty minute walk but due to the dire situation I made it there in ten. The amount of pain that I watched my little sister go through will always be in the back of my head. Because of this horrific event my family has become more paranoid than ever.

This has impacted my sister's life more than anyone can imagine. First of all, she lost a lot of movement from her leg and foot. Second, her enjoyment of life has been severely diminished. There are many things/activities she did before that she either cannot do or has extreme difficulty participating in. For example, she would go to a dock with her friends and jump in a lake. Now, she can be in the water but the issue is that to get back up to the dock you would have to climb up a metal ladder. This is an issue because her leg gets very tired so not only can she not swim for too long, putting pressure on her leg to climb up the ladder causes her quite a bit of pain. This being said she is not very able to do this activity with her friends. This also affects her emotionally when she can't participate.

This drinking and driving incident has not only impaired my little sister but my entire family. We are working hard together to lift this weight and move on. That is going to be the most difficult process we have ever faced. It will take time, patience, pain and hardship but will make us stronger in the end. My family has to become stronger as a whole to get through this. My last statement to everyone is if your drinking find a safe ride home and DO NOT drink and drive.

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