Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stress - The Silent Killer

Stress has always been a large factor in my life. It’s something that seems to follow me wherever I go. And it’s not just in one aspect either. Stress can be everywhere and anything. Finances can cause an underestimated amount of stress on a person. Even so that it is connected to a lot of life's necessities like food and shelter. Not only can stress affect someone financially but physically and mentally as well. Moods can change. Food can become tasteless and sometimes seemingly unnecessary. Another cause of stress would be “over thinking”. Constantly thinking about a problem over and over again can make the situation unbearable and cause emotional an physical pain.

One of the things that I do to try and combat stress would be trying to think positively. Like the saying “mind over matter” its all about perception. Keeping a positive outlook on like has been helpful to more than just me. It can improve moods and behavior. Also, how you interact with other people and vice-versa. Try to think about a stressful situation and put your own positive spin on it. DO IT NOW!

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