Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Working with a Disability 2017

For those that have been active readers or new, I apologize for my long absence. My new job has taken up almost all of my time. Finally, after six years of not working, I am doing something to get ahead further in life. So far my accommodations at my new workplace have been more than adequate as well as my fellow co-workers and employers are extremely helpful if I were to require assistance. 

Since started working I have figured out a few things about people. The work is easy once you get the hang of it. The surprising part, however, was the realization that a lot of people seem to have little to no work ethic. Some make the mistake of treating their job like a chore. The only difference is that for most people this is their main source of income. People need to be more serious about their careers.

Some of the drawbacks I had found were mostly physical. The added time on my feet has been noticed, to say the least. Although, the thought of earning my own income is a huge incentive to move forward and expand my career into more knowledge and opportunities.

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