Sunday, October 15, 2017

What I've Found Out During Four Months of Working

First little bit of information that I have found right away would be that it is not easy at the start. There are numerous things to remember in a short period also known as training. Everything has a certain method for completion. Learning everything during the first couple of days can seem overwhelming to say the least but if you pull through that it’s smooth sailing onward.

Another area to be looked at is motivation. It appears to be lacking in some areas. Which I find strange due to the fact that this is the only source of income for some people. Not enough people care about their jobs in my opinion. In order to get ahead and progress through your job is to work harder than everyone else. It's not hard if you apply effort and common sense.

Lastly, I have found out that you need some tough skin to work in this business. People can be inpatient or downright rude. Dealing with this can become a daily occurrence and can happen more than once. I find that after dealing with various amounts of people that I can handle more situations with other people than before.

My overall experience in the world of retail is that all jobs no matter how small are important and can be stressful at times but pulling through them becomes easier the more you are exposed to it. Work hard and it all comes easily to you.

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