Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gardening with Cerebral Palsy -- Part 1

Having a physical disability can sometimes make even the simplest tasks difficult. This is why I’m always looking for hobbies that suit my lifestyle and abilities. One of these hobbies that I am currently looking into is gardening. I have two types of garden styles at this moment. One is a small garden I had made in my backyard. This one has my hot peppers, tomatoes, lemon grass (for the mosquitoes), pumpkin and basil.

The other is a small diy grow box that I had made myself. All it takes to build is 5 sheets of foam board, one grow light (Amazon), a large pot, small piece of foam board to cover top of the pot (hole in the middle for the plant to sit in), and a plant. Once your plant is suspended in the pot from the hole fill it with water until it either touches to bottom of the cup the plant is in or until its roots are slightly in the water. Every week check on the water levels to see if the plant requires more. Make sure to leave space as it grows from the top so you don’t drown your plant. Plus there's always the rewarding part of watching your plants grow and start producing whatever it’s growing.

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