Saturday, October 24, 2020

Covid-19 From an Introvert’s Perspective

Being stuck indoors almost twenty-four hours and seven days a week can be more than a little nerving sometimes. Of course, you cannot stay inside forever. You just like everyone else need a fresh breath of air occasionally. I am lucky that I still have my education to keep me busy during these timid and scary times. I have been given another assignment to work on over the upcoming weekend. I have about two weeks to complete it, but I do not think that it will take that long to do so.

Looking for any job today can be daunting at best. Now that were stuck in this pandemic phase it has become almost impossible for someone like me to gain employment. It is difficult enough just to get by let alone save any money for my future. I have some big plans for me and my life ahead. Do not get me wrong, I know that there are people in much worse situations and have a lot less. I am grateful for my life. I would like to become as independent as I possibly can. In order to do this, I need to join the work force. There may be some hope in the virtual world where there is some sort of remote work. My current work now is my education and blog.

The hardest part I find is keeping my own sanity. Over-thinking can become a big part of your day when your stuck inside at your desk wondering what to do next. Currently my overthinking has everything to do with my career path. I am in a boat with a lot of people when I say, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!”. I can remember before this pandemic hit, I had no idea. I do admit that I have learned quite a bit since starting my program Business Management. I found some aspects, like accounting and bookkeeping, that I had found remarkably interesting.

What do you miss about your daily life before Covid-19 hit? One of the parts that I look back on is being inside an actual classroom and seeing other people. I miss going somewhere just to get out of the house. Head out for a walk, pick a direction and go. I would guess that that the worst part of it is seeing your family and friends’ fewer times than you had been used to. Being stuck inside makes a person feel trapped in their own mind.

One thing that I do to keep my mind focused is to work on some sort of hobby. Whether its learning about something or building another, keeps my mind at ease for the most part. One hobby I have is writing for my blog. I feel as if I can calm down a little bit more when I am writing something. I also love to cook and experiment with different dishes and flavours.

I am not looking forward to this new winter season during this pandemic. “Covid Christmas” does not seem to ring any bells for me. I wonder what the holidays are going to look like. I am guessing that most sales this time will come from one of many online sources like Amazon or Best Buy. I cannot see myself standing in line with a bunch of other people for hours. I would rather complete what shopping that I can from home. The only issue that I can think of would be that it is never the same as seeing the product before purchase. A lot of disappointment I find comes from when people do not read the description carefully enough and not receive the expected product. Sometimes its too easy to click the buy button and move on to find your next purchase.

That all being said I do look forward to seeing what the new year brings the table (kind of) and have some hop that something will turn out for the better. I hope that the job market will become more stable are accessible to people who do not have a job. I have been looking for employment for months, had multiple interviews and had heard from a few stating that they were moving on or found a more suitable candidate. But I am not giving up now. I will find a new job to support myself and future. Hopefully somewhere with better access to parking so my friends and family can visit without worry. Stay safe and good luck!


  1. Great post I think we can all relate. As someone who is disabled myself, I know how easy it is to get discouraged and down when you can’t find a job. Keep your head up and continue to apply for remote/work from home jobs. That market is hotter than it’s ever been, so you will find a job just keep applying. Also, whenever you get down or discouraged take a step back and reflect on your life and look at all the positives going on and how your life is moving forward. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best moving forward.

    1. I appreciate your feedback! I know that there is something out there for me. Just have to keep looking!

  2. Can relate to the job part. But we will be ok.


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