Thursday, January 21, 2021

Helpful Tools for Motor Movement Disabilities


My tremors that are caused by my Cerebral Palsy affect my daily life in numerous ways. This gives me an opportunity to make my life easier by coming up or finding new ways to help myself grow. For example, I find myself having some difficulty buttoning up my shirts. The buttons are small and hard to navigate through the holes on the other side. One of the tools that I use is the Button Hook Tool. Putting on dress shirts has become so much easier thanks to this. I also use an automatic can opener. It’s a lot easier than using a mechanical can opener.

These two tools help me perform normal daily tasks both quickly and efficiently. Are there any tools that you use yourself for assistance daily? What tools do you think are helpful to someone with, for example, fine motor movements with their hands?


  1. Electric Toothbrush and a wall to prop my arm against as I use it! Also I squeeze my very old fashioned rather chalky English Toothpaste into a plastic cup and let it dry into a cake; then I can rub the wetted toothbrush against the surface and get enough to clean with; kept in the cupboard it saves me trying to squeeze a tube and put the lid back on.

    1. That's a very clever way of using your toothbrush. Thanks for the tip!


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