Sunday, April 2, 2023

Searching for a job with a disability

My search for employment has been long and tedious. Signing up for many different companies through their individual sites. Completing 5-15 minute tests on Indeed while 2-300+ people are signing up for the same position. Many of them are more able-bodied and not looking for many hours of work. Some jobs have requirements that I am not able to meet, such as having a driver’s license or college diploma in that given area.

One of the issues that I face is that my hands are not as dexterous as most looking in that same position. Which places someone like me at the bottom of the rung. I have applied to hundreds of postings on Indeed with no response or receiving a statement of something like not having the right requirements or they have moved on with another candidate. I feel that if you cannot get into retail, restaurant, or factory/warehouse there aren’t many options to choose from without extensive education, which takes time and money.

I feel as if I am fully able to operate most of these available jobs. What is hindering my search is finding an employer to give me a chance to prove that I am able to complete the tasks necessary for the given job. Out of all the job postings that I have applied to I received seven interviews and no offers. There are fewer jobs available after the minimum wage increases to a higher amount.

As a disabled person, what do you do for support?

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