Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mother battles school for daughter's right for walker

Having a disability I am against any discrimination. I have read on article on how a school bans a young girl with Cerebral Palsy (Lakay Roberts) to bring her walker. The head of the special needs department (Gary Lemley) made a statement after seeing her walker collapse in the parking lot. He stated that the walker was unsafe for the other children and it would have to be left at home.

What I don’t understand is if she can’t bring her walker to school how will she move around? Does Mr. Lemley want Lakay to crawl around? In my opinion, I feel that most school boards are in serious need of adjustment when it comes to disabilities. Back when I was in High School I had a lot of grief dealing with some teachers. The fact is that they did not have a lot of information on how to teach someone with a physical or learning disability.

Mrs. Roberts had asked if the other children fall do they take away their shoes. Which I think is a great point. They need their shoes to move about just like Lakay needs her walker. Lemley replies to her question with “No, ma'am, they're not using walkers.” That statement was pro discrimination. It appears to me that the school is not really accepting of disabled children.


  1. A lot of "Education" is needed by schools and school boards in regards to meeting the needs of "all" their students. There are still so many unacceptable situations.

    1. I hear you on that one! I had so much difficulty dealing with teachers in high school. It was almost unbearable!


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