Monday, March 26, 2012

Living with a physical disability in today's society

It's not at all easy. In my perspective I see that other people see me as less able to do anything a non-disabled person can do. I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy. I can see myself capable to do a lot of things. What I have discovered is that its not up to the person with the disability to change their views on them. It is up to that person to change their view on society. Having a disability means that we should show others that we are just as capable.

Also, I have recently started to think that I have anxiety. This is because of when in crowds I feel as if everyone is looking at me. This anxiety affects my social life. It is difficult for me to meet new people because I feel as if they won't be as accepting as I hoped. I feel like my tremors stick out like crazy. Tremors are the most distinctive part of my disability. My hands and feet shake constantly. I have to sit on my left hand a lot to keep it from shaking.

I am going to college at the moment and also preparing to go to university. Once there, I would like to take psychology. I think studying human behaviour is very interesting. After that I would lime to try to become an expert in deception. Reading people's emotions though their face and movements. It is all very fascinating and I feel like there are not a lot of people that do it. I've seen the TV series "Lie to Me" and I would like to do something like what Tim Roth (Cal Lightman) does.
Anyways I'm going to bed. TTYL!


  1. Way to go, Mason. Read your blog and you have made several great points in your presentation.
    I have a friend who gets a lot of stares when in a crowd and she has learned to look them straight in the eye & give them a big smile. Most of them return her smile, however some turn away very quickly. She says the smiles sometimes turn into great conversations.Just a thought.
    Keep up the good work & I will continue to follow your progress.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I will make sure to try what your friend does and smile. :)


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