Thursday, May 24, 2012

England: Day 2

Mourning to afternoon
This mourning we got up and headed out to look around London. As we walked around London I noticed a cell phone store so I decided to check it out. The deals in England seem to be a lot better than the ones in Canada. There are data plans for under 30£. I wish I could get a deal like that for my plan. After that we had gone to McDonalds. It was a very different layout of store. There was a few tables when you walked in and then there were stairs leading to another floor. Down here there were more tables and the two bathrooms.
The shopping was a little overwhelming. My sisters had done most of it. We had gone to store after store to look at clothing for them. At the end of that my back was killing me. We took a cab after that back to the hotel. The cabs up here are very different. Inside the cab there are two or three seats in the back and then two more seats that fold down in front of them.
Afternoon to evening
We had dinner and drinks after sitting down for a bit. I had a burger and chips with a cider. This has been a very exhausting day of exploring London. Right now I'm just going to lay back and watch tv. It has been an exhausting day of exploring London. I hope to find a beer mug to buy for a souvenir.

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