Thursday, May 24, 2012

London: Day 3

Mourning to afternoon
First stop we had gone to in the mourning was the Buckingham Palace. Since it was early we were able to catch the rotation of the guards. This was a sight to see! There was about three waves of guards that marched in. Each group had been very well organized and had worn different style uniforms. The second wave of guards were well armed with assault rifles at hand. While we stood outside and watched the guards, the temperature seemed to rise. After the event we headed back to the hotel to rest.
Afternoon to evening
My dad and I had gone to the London Eye. This is a huge ferris wheel type structure with large booths. Each booth had a 360 degree view of London. It had taken about half an hour to complete to circuit. As for the height, it was high enough to see far across the city. When we were almost at the end we realized that we were not moving. Five minutes later an announcement had came on that there was a mechanical error. Also, they said that we had to spread ourselves out to even the weight. Ten minutes later we were moving again. When back at the hotel we got drinks and prepared to head out for dinner.
We headed out to a local pub for dinner and drinks. I had a steak with a pint of cider. The meal was very good. My cousin and her husband had joined us. After we had walked down to Abbey Road. We all took a picture of us walking across the same road the Beatles had. I thought that it was amazing to know that the Beatles was there years back. Then we had walked over to a shop to grab some ice cream. This had been a great day for exploring the London area.

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