Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mother abandons disabled daughter at bar

On June 28 a mother had left her 19 year old daughter, who has a severe mental disability, at a bar in Tennessee. Lynn had no money, ID, or anything else that belonged to her. Police had talked to some customers that said that they saw her pushed into the bar. They also could not find any signs of physical abuse.

While police put posters up Lynn was held by child protective services of that state. Her previous bus driver that transported her to school recognized. Her mother was then called in to bring her home to Illinois. The girl's mother came and told the police that she was not wanted and to do what they want with her. Since, Lynn is nineteen, her mother claimed that she had no legal guardianship over her.

The mother was not charged due to a legal loophole. If Lynn had been a minor, charges could have been filed. The girl could have been dropped off at a institution or hospital. These two options would have been a lot more humane. Also, the mother had services close to home that could have helped.

In my opinion this was a very poor choice of action by the girl's mother. Some people out there do not seem to have the right skills for parenting. I also think that it was unfair for Lynn to be put through this situation.

What are you opinions on this topic?


  1. "Leave it in the bar" it's just so usual to the Americans. In Poland, even if somebody is not assigned to a legal guardian, it is a law that protect people with disabilities - you can be charged with malpractice.


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