Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cooking with a Disability 2

I love to cook my own meals. I find that it tastes better and a healthier solution in comparison to prepackaged food. This way I can put exactly what I want in my meal.
Although, I do have some difficulties preparing some of the food. For example, chopping or slicing vegetables. When doing so I need the use of both of my hands. This can be a
problem because the tremors in my left hand are a lot worse than my right. Cutting or slicing vegetables can be a bit of a task. That's were the use of Medicinal Marijuana
comes in. When my muscles in my hands and arms are more relaxed I can slice/chop my vegetables a lot more easily.

The are a lot of meals that you can make without even lifting a knife. One of these I like to make would be a stir-fry. I just take a frozen by of mixed vegetables and some
spices for some flavor. All you need to do is pour enough oil in a pan to lightly coat the bottom. Then take the bag and pour about a cup of frozen vegetables in the pan and
turn the heat onto low-medium (Quantities vary per person). This should take around 10 - 15 minutes to cook. You shouldn't see any oil left over in the pan. The great thing
about this dish is that you can make it your own. Add in things that you think would taste good with it and experiment. That is my favorite part about cooking. Finding out
different variations that make your dish taste the way you like it.

Tools that help make cooking and preparing easier can be found anywhere. A small spray bottle can be used to apply vinegar to french fries. Just pour the vinegar in the spray
bottle it it can be easily applied to your fries or whatever else you like to put it on. You could also buy squeeze bottles for condiments that don't already come in them.
Storing food after you made it can sometimes be a hassle. I find that the containers with the snap on lids are more convenient to use than something like a zip-lock bag. They
are more sturdy, stack-able and can be re-used many times. I get mine at the dollar store for $1.50 to $2.50 each. I have seen some assistive cooking tools online but I have
found them to be a little pricey. For every tool I could find online I could find a cheaper solution locally. You just have to ask yourself what exactly you need help with.

Preparing my own meals makes me feel more independent. Being independent makes me more optimistic about doing other things for myself in life. I find that one of the greatest

feelings for a disabled person is being more independent. This is why I have made this blog. To show that if we put our minds together we can achieve great things!

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  1. HI,,,,have similar problems with chopping and slicing I bought a wee food processor which is great at chopping and slicing and takes seconds to do! ,,,,just a thought for you!


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