Monday, February 24, 2020

Update February 2020

I am finally back in school! Now enrolled in the Business Management program I have started my journey to owning my company. So far I have more than enjoyed the course while maintaining an excellent GPA. I look forward to the day that I start my first business. This program gives me hope for my future.

Over this last week, I have also been trying to gain a new skill set to be used in the workplace. This new skill would be programming with a language called “Python”. Which is a popular programming language used for things like web development and automation. By learning this I’ll be able to perform most tasks more proficiently.

I have high hopes for this year and feel like things are going to change for the better. My level of progress has increased incrementally and will continue to do so on the path that I am on. This week I have a presentation and a final exam to study for.

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