Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ten Tips and Tricks for Attracting More Traffic To Your Blog!

  1. Post quality content frequently
  2. Post updates to:
    • FaceBook Group
    • Twitter
    • Reddit
    • Other similar pages
  3. Welcome any new members to any of your pages
    • People love to feel appreciated!
  4. Don’t be discouraged when things start off slow
    • Once it picks up and you keep going
    • There is no stopping you!
  5. Guest blogging is a great way to attract new and existing followers to your blog
    • Its free advertisement for both you and the other blogger
    • Both bloggers receive an increase in traffic
    • Great way to find other blogs that are similar
  6. Tell people about your blog
    • Word-of-mouth still travels fast to this day and is one of the easiest to implement
    • Talking about your blog can lead to further collaboration that could benefit both you and your blog
  7. Be more niche
    • Don’t try to focus on too many topics or you could become a confusing mess of unrelated posts
    • By focusing on one area of topic your posts will be easier to find by the people looking to view that material
  8. Listen to your reader’s feedback
    • This is where you can get a lot of constructive criticism both for your blog and you future posts
    • By engaging with your readers your blog will seem more attentive to the readers and can spark more interest in others
  9. Just keep swimming!
    • Post more and don’t let anyone stop you!
  10. Like my page and link your blog to it!
    • More traffic for the both of us!
    • Keeps you engaged!
    • Everyone has fun!

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