Friday, March 13, 2020

Update March 2020

The snow outside is starting to melt away. Already into week six of my course and maintaining my average of 85%. Still trying to get that to a higher number. So as you can see my schooling is going well and I’m slowly figuring out what I would like to do in life. I have completed so much this year already and have so much farther to go!

My goal is to open my own business from the ground up. The course that I am currently enrolled in is Business Management. I had just completed course #3 out of 26 and starting the next on Monday.

Everyone keeps getting caught up with this virus that's spreading. The advice that I’d be given is to stay healthy (eating, sleeping, etc) and stay clean (wash). It’s also a good idea not to create too much stress. That would be a quick way to become sick. Stay safe!

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