Thursday, February 27, 2020

Changing Your Views on Life

Now, I know that that may seem very difficult and you're absolutely correct! Switching something over from negative to positive in your personal thoughts can be a daunting task. Sometimes you just need to get away from your space whether it's physical or mental.

The first step that I take to accomplish this is I try to imagine where I would like to be if not in my present situation. Then where on this entire planet that would be described as my “perfect spot”. Once I have that in mind I like to imagine how to get to that goal of mine. What steps are required so that this goal can become a reality? The more positive you can feel about it the more you are able to think clearly making your path there a lot more clear.

The second step I usually find myself cleaning or organizing. This keeps me from obsessing over one thing and puts my head back into reality. Small tasks that can be easily completed within an hour or so adds some feeling of accomplishment for that day.

With just these two steps I can have a better outlook on my life in no time. Just by thinking more positively towards the future and pondering what it hold’s for me. I also look forward to hearing all the incredible feedback that I receive from writing and posting to my blog. It gives me a sense of purpose to continue and build up on it to make it better and more accessible.

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