Thursday, June 7, 2012

My thoughts on becoming an adult

As you become an adult your view on the world begins to change. Its strange because you also feel like the same way you did before. Your responsibilities and tasks now become more complex and difficult. But that being said they are also more rewarding. For example, college and university. Your task is to complete each course and your responsibility is to make sure that you work on your task. Not only do these schools give you experience in the field of your choice, it also gives you an opportunity for a career.

There are other responsibilities and tasks that adults have. Money is a crucial responsibility and needs to be taken more seriously over time. Budgeting is extremely helpful when you need to pay for items like groceries, bills, etc. Adults also need to manage there time so they can be more productive. This saves you from wasting time and completing everything that you are required to do.

For people moving into their own home, cleaning becomes more than a chore. Since you now don't have anyone making sure your place is clean 24/7 you need to make sure that it is. If you were to turn a blind eye to a mess it will eventually grow bigger and become harder to clean.

Here are the more rewarding parts. The first one is that if you live on your own you get a sense of more freedom. Once you get a career you have a chance at receiving a bigger paycheck. Most people won't treat you like you don't know what your doing. If your not an adult yet enjoy being young, you'll miss it one day!

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