Friday, June 15, 2012

My View on Living with a Disability (Guest Post)

Living with a disability is different for each of us. What one person will find challenging, another person will find non-challenging. Our disabilities don’t match one another, so it would be difficult to gauge how someone else feels.

Disability comes in many forms, with many conditions that are more challenging than others. Unfortunately that makes a difference on how we view our lives and what we deal with. I think what also makes living with a disability hard is other people’s perception of what we deal with.

For me living with CP has slowly given me a better outlook on my life. As a child I struggled to understand and come to terms with living with CP, but as the adult it has helped me put my life into perspective.

Not many people would give what we deal with a second’s thought and on a day to day footing they probably don’t, but they would still be quick to comment on what we deal with as if they know how we feel. No one really knows what we deal with unless they step into our shoes. I think with any disability, it’s the support that allows us to deal with our disability so that we cope with it better.

Unfortunately disability still doesn’t seem to be accepted in the way it should be. I believe if people were more accepting of disability and perceived disability differently we would deal and live with our disabilities in a more positive way. I think because society isn’t always accepting of people’s disabilities, we become less accepting of ourselves.

I very much believe that disability needs to be embraced by society more and by families alike. We all need to unite.

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