Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Life Story: Part Three

After experiencing numerous issues at my step-dad's house I had decided to move into my dad's house. Along with the move to new new house I also had switched into a new high school. Moving to a new high school is like starting all over again. Everything seems new and very unfamiliar. I was lucky to find that there was no one here that would try to bully me.

I did however, find that a lot of the teachers in this school had little knowledge on how to teach/handle teenagers with disabilities. Just like the other school I ended up in the main office weekly. At this school I had started to work on 3D animation. For two years I had worked on that and brought my average up dramatically. I would work on separate projects that were more complicated than the rest of the class.

I attended this school for an extra year to obtain an extra credit so I would be able to enroll in the Computer Programmer course. After graduating from high school I had directly attended college. There is where I had my first semester for the Computer Programmer course. Unfortunately it wasn't the course for me. I had tried out a few of the other computer-related courses and found the same problems. I think that I am going to try a different type of study. Possibly some sort of writing course like Journalism. I just have to find a school that has that course.

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