Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Life Story: Part One

My birth was very early. I think it was at least a couple of months off. The moment I was born there was no sign of life from me. I didn't have a pulse nor was I breathing. After the procedure I had to be taken away to be put into an incubator for about a week. The doctors taking care of me at the time said that it was very unlikely that I would survive. After I was taken out of the incubator my parents were allowed to take me home for the first time.

As a child I didn't always have tremors. The “shaking” had started when I was three years old. It also took me a lot longer to start walking than the average child. Having these tremors when I was younger made me feel more insecure around other people. So instead of trying to socialize with others I focused on a hobby. This hobby was computers. I love anything to do with computers, gadgets or any other type of electronics. This made me feel good about myself when I found something that I could do and had a lot of fun in the process. My parents had bought me my first computer when I was about six years old. This was the time were my entire life changed yet again. I had felt that I had found a purpose for me and that there was hope after all. This skill had also helped me with my schooling. With a laptop borrowed from the school every day I could type out my notes or assignments, print them off and then hand them in.

There was a certain point of my childhood when misbehaving and I went hand in hand. I would become easily frustrated and lash out at very minuscule matters. For example, arguing with my sisters or being wrong. At that time I had been seeing a child psychiatrist. That was when I was first introduced to Ritalin. There will never be a point in my life when I take that drug again. It basically turned me into a mindless robot. My “feelings” were out of whack. After a year or two I was cut off and the results were substantially different. I could express myself better and use my words to describe how I felt.

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