Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Life Story: Part Two

Among the treatments my parents and I had tried physio was the most physically uncomfortable experience. They had me stretch and move around my muscles to get them working. The part of this that was uncomfortable to me was the fact that they would bend my arms and legs farther then they could physically bend. I would be in pain most of the time that I was there and leave sore. I had stopped physio when there was signs of more discomfort/pain than results.

As a teenager I continued my interests in computers and technology. In high school I had been taking Communication Technology. This was a course showing students basic to intermediate computer applications from word processors to 3d animation software. I was pretty good with the 3d software so that's what I had excelled in in school.

I had been enrolled in two high schools. The first one was not a walk in the park. Here I had a kid that would pick on me daily. This kid would call me names, throw things at me and would make fun of me. Also, a lot of the teachers at this school did not seem to have very much training on teaching young teens with disabilities. I found it hard to pay attention in a classroom for long periods of time. I would feel very anxious after an hour or two so I would have to excuse myself from class for about five minutes to walk around so I could try to regain my focus. Another issue at that time was that my metabolism was so high due to my tremors. If I didn't eat every so often I would start to get frustrated and find it more difficult to concentrate.

The bully was not the only issue that I had at that school. There was very few teachers at this school that could tolerate and knew how to work with me. Also even fewer EAs (Educational Assistants). I would be sent down to the main office daily. Most of the time it was because they didn't know what to do with me. For example, one of my EAs had told me that I was not allowed to get up and use the bathroom until my notes had been completely typed out. I had been waiting for about twenty minutes already and was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. When I had asked I second time ten minutes later I had got the same response. So I replied by standing up and walking out straight to the bathroom. When I had came back she had been very impatient with me so later that day I spoke to the EA coordinator. I was assigned another EA the next day.

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