Friday, September 11, 2015

6 Recommended Home-based Jobs for People With Disability

Sometimes, disable people find it difficult to find an opportunity to enhance their skills and earn money for a living. However, with the advent of internet, it seems that there are good chances to make money online.

High-speed internet means new set of choices and earning options for people who does not need to go to an office or work for someone else. Work from home could be one of the best options for people with disability. It is flexible and give them more options to make a living out of the internet advantage. Home-based jobs can help people pay bills, buy basic needs and even helping to pay some personal loans.

Below are some of the suggested online jobs for people with disability:

Online article writer
Freelance writing from home can provide extra income for those people who are not able to go out because of disability. People can exercise their writing skills to gain work through online writing. It can be in the form of blog, online magazine, web content, or ebooks. Not only they can gain money through writing, but they educate people especially if it is about disability issues. They can do ghost writing as well, in which the author helps another person tell his or her story and receives money, but usually no by-line. They can also be a technical writer, which requires background knowledge in science and technology.

Call Center or Customer Service Representative
If you have a good phone communication skills, then you can get a job as a home call center agent. Usually, call center workers work from their own homes take customer service calls and provides answers to any inquiries. They respond to customer orders, questions, and complaints when customers call in.

Hobbies and craft creation
If you are into DIY and craft creation, you can sell those items online like Etsy. If you like knitting or candle making, you can build a profile on Etsy and present your handmade craft online in order to attract potential buyers. Post a detailed description and photographs of the item to sell. Remember, get creative to present your craft.

Virtual assistant
With the help of internet, business owners can easily introduce their products and services online. However, with their busy schedules, they need an assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who can attend to the needs of a certain company and its clients. There are many people resort to this kind of online job because it’s easier and time management is not that difficult.

Medical transcriptionist
This kind of work involves listening to and typing up dictation from doctors - some of whom have difficult accents, slur words together. A good transcriptionists are in very high demand these days. It has its challenges, such as getting trained properly for the work, and finding that first job, but overall it's not a bad option.

Computer Systems Analyst
It involves reviewing computer systems and protocols to help management run an organization more efficiently. If you’re into computers and programming, this work is pretty cool to take. Analysts can work directly for an organization or they can be self-employed and work as consultants.

In this world, it’s better to have many choices and take advantage of the technology to help us get through life and not starve to death. Explore your skills and use it online, remember that a lot of business owners today rely on the internet so much.

About the author:

Candice Larson is an internet and business savvy. She currently juggles her time between attending graduate school and working.

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