Thursday, May 24, 2012

England: Day 4

Mourning to afternoon
This mourning we woke up and booked out of the hotel. We then proceeded to take the subway to the train station. I have never been on a train before. The view out here is incredible! The interior of the cabins are very spacious and comfortable. The temperature in our car was too hot so we had moved forward to another one.
There is a lot of farmland up here. Green and yellow fields cover the surrounding area. Every once in a while we roll through a small town. I love the old-fashioned architecture. It makes me feel like I've traveled to the past.
Afternoon to evening
We arrived at the house which is owned by the son of my grandfather's brother. He has a very nice home with a great view of the area. Most of it looks like it is used as farmland. From my window I can see enormous hills in the distance.
For dinner we had all gone to one of my family members house. This is where I met a lot of the "Wilds". They were all a very upbeat bunch. It was a very loud and hilarious meal! After our meal we had piled into the living room to talk about past stories, drinking and pubs. I think that tomorrow night well be a WILD one!

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