Thursday, May 3, 2012

Learning disabilities

There are many types of learning disabilities. I have ADD which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. I have sometimes have trouble reading large amounts of text. Sometimes I find myself accidentally skipping over a few sentences. I also have difficulty paying attention for a long period of time. If I don't find it the least bit interesting my mind begins to wander somewhere else. I am beginning to think that the educational scene is not for me.

I find that I learn a lot more studying at my own pace. Back in grade school I was able to write a full page explaining the difference between cell phones and pdas. Which at the time were two separate devices. The information that I had used to write this paper I had remembered from studying the devices before. I was and still to this day, very interested in technology and its exponential growth as the years go on.

With all this being said there are a lot of ways for people with learning disabilities to learn. It takes more patience, motivation and a topic you are interested in. Find something you like to do. It could be a hobby or some sort of routine. Once you figure out what you lime to do the learning will come a lot easier. Plus, once you learn about what you like to do it will be more rewarding in the end!

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