Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My thoughts on on-line dating

Having this disability sometimes makes me self-aware. So I had tried a dating website. I am here to convince you NOT sign up for one of these sites. Most of the woman that I have met have problems. Some more than others. Here is an example: This woman I had messaged on the site started to message me back. Then we started texting each other. Finally I had her over at my place. During this time she talked more to my buddy (who was there at the time) than me. When he left the woman and I continued talking until she left.

Now here is where it gets interesting. She texts me in the afternoon saying that my buddy texted her begging for sex and that he ruined it for me. I was angry with him until I heard the actual story of what happened. It turns out that she was texting him explicit things and because he was drunk he did so too. When he turned her down she became angry with me. Therefore, sending me that text. Which now I see as more of a wakeup call. This brought one thing to my mind, "what the @#&% was I thinking?".

There are a lot of women out there. My advice to you is to not look for them online. Most of them have too many issues to count. It is not worth the time or effort. Do yourself a favor an meet people in real life. Therefore you can have a better outlook on the person who you are meeting.

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